Thursday, February 17, 2005

Just Knitting and watching the Big Lebowski

So, Welcome to Knit Chick...I'm not sure how to succintly describe this blog suffice to say it will be about knitting. I love to knit and have been knitting since I was ten years old. I'll be posting pictures of recent projects and additions to my stash.

I live in Western Massachusetts...Western Mass or the Pioneer Valley as it is referred to by locals. The Connecticut river snakes across this region creating the Connecticut river valley and entertains a vastly differant culture from Eastern Mass...Boston and the Cape. It's very Vermonty. I live near the 5 colleges of UMass, Smith, Hampshire, Amherst, and Mt Holyoke. We are crawling with University faculty snobs, Organic food supermarkets, and Yoga Centers. Incedently this kind of environment is condusive to the fiber arts...we have fiber nuts coming out of the wood work, llama farms, 4 year master weaving programs, and historicaly accuarate dye gardens. This is great for a girl who just wants pretty yarn.

So today I went yarn shopping at a cheapy place (lion's brand wool!) I was looking for their landscape collection but they didn't have the one I wanted. I bought Knit 1...their Music issue and I'm eager to knit one of the tied cardigans.

Other projects...

A Debbie Bliss pattern sweater...knit with cashmerino

Another Debby Bliss knit with Uraguary kettle dyed merino in a aqua blue

Baby sweater for best friend's new born in lime cashmerino

Chanel inspired jacket from Vogue Knitting International with Two Two yarn


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Blogger knitphomaniac said...

I love that movie!

By the way, thanks for your stitch markers! I've gotten them posted on my blog finally!

7:42 PM  

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